ACQF Guideline 7: Monitoring and evaluation in the context of national qualifications frameworks and ACQF (English)

The purpose and objective of this M&E guideline is, amongst others to: 1) Clarify and deepen the concepts of M&E in the context of NQFs and RQFs (including the ACQF). Although M&E are well established processes, their implementation with regards to NQFs and RQFs are less well developed, and this guideline seeks to fill that gap, particularly in the African context in this regard; 2) Contribute to a common understanding of the ACQF M&E orientation and application across countries and regions to ease the implementation of the ACQF at continental, national and regional levels. 3) Outline principles and approaches for M&E, and ways to collect, manage and analyse data, and ways of using data for intelligence (value) in the context of NQFs and RQFs.