The People

A team of experts and stakeholders is contributing to develop the African Continental Qualifications Framework.

This development programme is multi-dimensional and includes analysis and research, policy dialogue, technical and methodological tools, capacity building and networking. The People involved in this knowledge creation and dissemination are from different countries and regions, bringing into the process a valuable diversity of experiences of education and training and qualifications systems.

  • African Union Commission: Chigozie Emmanuel Okonkwo, Nicholas Ouma
  • Thematic coordinator, qualifications expert: Eduarda Castel-Branco
  • Researchers: James Keevy, Zaahedah Vally, Lomthie Mavimbela, Andrea Bateman
  • Consultants and experts: Kaylash Allgoo, Eusebius Mukhwana, Deodonne Kunwufine, Jean Adotevi, Jeffy Mukora, Coleen Jaftha, Mirriam Chiyaba, Modest Hamalabbi, James Mwewa, Fidelis Cheelo
  • Partners: Gertrude Namubiru (African Curriculum Association)
  • Technical organisation of Peer Learning Webinars, management of YouTube channel: Erika D'Avolio
  • SIFA Management and budget administration: Ernst Hustaedt, Darshana Bhana and Essete Abebe