Policy & Guidelines

Policy and strategic documents developed by the ACQF project. Information on ACQF Advisory Group consultation and other meetings. All major African Union policies and strategies underpinning the ACQF.
ACQF Guidelines ACQF Guidelines

10 Guidelines and Training Modules to support countries, regions and AUC implementing the ACQF. Themes of the 10 ACQF Guidelines: learning outcomes approaches, defining NQF levels, referencing between NQFs and ACQF, validation of learning (RPL, credit systems, recognition of qualifications), quality assurance of qualifications, registration and registers of qualifications, monitoring and evaluation of NQFs, communication, innovation and technology in qualifications frameworks. The 10th Guideline will be a companion for all countries in Africa starting their national reflection and roadmaps towards NQFs with a systemic vision.

Brief ACQF Handbook Brief ACQF Handbook

The ACQF is conceived as a policy and instrument of continental scope to deliver on the objectives of enhanced transparency and comparability of qualifications and mutual trust between qualifications frameworks and systems for lifelong learning in Africa. The ACQF is defined as an overarching reference qualifications framework of ten levels, serving as a translation device between different qualifications frameworks or systems and their levels.

Feasibility Study Feasibility Study

This report analyses the rationale for the ACQF for the continent, provides a synthesis of the panorama of qualifications and qualifications frameworks in Africa, proposes the three scenarios for ACQF and a plan of outputs until 2025.