Qualifications Platform (QCP)

The ACQF Qualifications and Credentials Platform (QCP) is a major component of the ACQF as a policy instrument for African qualifications.This comprehensive system of databases aligns with the objectives of the African Union and its member states, contributing to modernize and digitalise management of qualifications at national level, and share information at continental level. The QCP is being designed to process, classify, compare, and visualise information on various qualifications across education and training sectors. It will consist of interconnected databases, offering at minimum tools for analysis, classification, and visualisation. By December 2024 the first version of the QCP will be ready for demonstration
Concept Note on the Steering Group of the QCP

This Concept Note was agreed with the interested countries at the meeting of 16 April 2024. The Note proposes the functions and role of the Steering Group, membership and plan of meetings.

Qualifications and Credentials Platform: Architecture Report

The ACQF Qualifications and Credentials Platform (ACQF QCP) is a pivotal initiative under the ACQF-II project designed to harmonise and streamline qualifications across Africa. This document details the architectural framework, user needs, data model, and implementation plan of the ACQF QCP, aiming to enhance transparency, comparability, and recognition of qualifications continent-wide, fostering educational and professional mobility.

Qualifications and Credentials Platform: Baseline Analysis Report - Stakeholders' needs

Activity 2 of the component Qualifications and Credentials Platform (QCP) involves a Baseline analysis of state-of-play of qualifications databases and stakeholders' needs. A survey and webinars were conducted with representatives from priority and interested countries. The survey covers various aspects such as stakeholder needs, existing qualifications databases, challenges, desired features, and funding considerations.