The ACQF development project is actively working with stakeholders in the period 2019-2022

African Union Commission’s (AUC’s) Education Science and Technology (AUC ESTI) directorate (Education division) assures the political leadership of the project and is technically supported by the European Union’s (EU’s) ‘Skills for Youth Employability Programme’, a contribution to the wider AU’s Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA). The EU Agency European Training Foundation (ETF) assures thematic and technical steering and coordination of the ACQF component.

Main milestones of the ACQF development project





  • Test selected Guidelines, feedback loop, completion
  • Consultation on ACQF policy and technical document and completion.
  • Capacity development programme: launch E-Learning Platform; complete Support to countries; carry out ACQF Training Programme; create pool of trained experts.
  • Validation by ACQF AG