Meetings and Webinars ACQF Advisory Group (AG)

Technical and policy dialogue meetings with Advisory Group ACQF and other networks.
ACQF Launch Workshop 09/2019 - Report (EN) ACQF Launch Workshop 09/2019 - Report (EN)

With 75 participants from 35 countries, the ACQF launch workshop defined the objectives, outcomes and milestones for the ACQF project, and the vision for the future ACQF. Detailed workshop report covering all points of the agenda, main conclusions and next steps.

ACQF Launch Workshop 09/2019 - Report (FR)

Avec 75 participants de 35 pays, ce workshop inaugural de 2 jours a définit les objectifs et priorités du projet ACQF et la vision du futur ACQF. Ce rapport détaillé couvre tous les points du programme, et présente les conclusions et recommandations.

ACQF workshop inaugural, 09/2019 - Relatório (PT)

Com 75 participantes de 35 países, o workshop definiu os objetivos e prioridades do projeto ACQF e a visão para o futuro ACQF. O relátório detalha os contéudos debatidos em todo o programa e apresenta as conclusões e recomendações.

ACQF Advisory Group meeting 2 - 08/04/2021 ACQF Advisory Group meeting 2 - 08/04/2021

The ACQF AG-2 meetings gathered participants from 10 countries and 14 african regional and continental organisations to discuss progress since ACQF AG-1 (09/2019), the reviewed work plan 2021-2022, the proposed scenarios of the ACQF and capacity development programme 2021-2022. Chaired by AUC ESTI (Education division).

ACQF Advisory Group meeting nº4 (13/01/2022)

Presentation to ACQF AG-4 meeting: progress report 2021; Draft 1 ACQF Policy and Technical document; Draft 1 ACQF Guidelines (1-10); starting elements of study on ACQF governance options.