Thematic Briefs

For self-learning - concise briefs on themes and issues of the domain of qualifications frameworks and systems.
ACQF Thematic Brief 2: competences frameworks

Overview of frameworks of skills and competencies adopted in different regions, such as: Key competences for lifelong learning framework (European Union), framework on transversal competencies (Unesco ERI-Net Asia-Pacific), digital skills framework (EU) and EntreComp (entrepreneurship competence, EU).

ACQF Thematic Brief 3.1: level descriptors

Understanding level descriptors and their contribution to transparency and comparability of qualifications and NQFs. Mapping of 24 African cases (NQF and RQF): levels, descriptors and domains of learning

ACQF Thematic Brief 6.1: TVET Quality Assurance

Understanding Quality Assurance in TVET: overview and mapping of approaches, tools and guidelines from various international references - AU, EQAVET, UNESCO Asia Pacific, SADCQF and ETF.

ACQF Thematic Brief 11: governance of NQFs / NQS

The brief explores different models of NQF governance, with emphasis on the role of legislation, institutions, stakeholders and quality assurance. Effective NQF governance needs to take account of the wider qualifications ecosystem.