ACQF Research

ACQF Research in new related areas: school curriculum, NQF networks, AfCFTA-ACQF Links and other themes. Reports in development.

School Curriculum Mapping

The AU CESA Cluster "Curriculum" and African Curriculum Association (ACA) took the initiative to map school curriculum in Africa. ACQF project supports the initiative, providing the technical expertise for the analysis and organisation of stakeholders dialogue. Launch webinar took place on 04/05/2021, gathered approx. 70 participants from a wide range of countries. The final report is planned for October 2021.


How do ACQF and the African Continental Free Trade Area connect? How can the ACQF contribute to better comparability and quality of qualifications relevant for the priority sectors of the AfCFTA? The study will provide answers to these and other essential questions, contributing to the ACQF Policy and Technical document.

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Other Studies

ACQF governance options: exploring the options for a network of African NQF institutions. This study will follow the initial proposal discussed at ACQF Advisory Group-3 meeting.

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