Early reflection or consolidating the NQF

The ACQF ‘Concept of Capacity Development Programme’ (CDP) specifies the main features of the component ‘support to countries’

Such ACQF support concerns countries’ initiatives to prepare for the development of NQFs, or to revitalise already initiated processes, and should be proportionate in terms of effort and technical expertise requirements.

Different development stages of NQFs have different needs in terms of technical and methodological support and cooperation. The ACQF CDP is not intended or prepared to provide large-scale technical assistance to countries. The CDP is conceived to provide advice, facilitation of stakeholders´ dialogue, experience and knowledge-sharing and eventually support to planning of the main steps in NQF development and review roadmaps. This type of CDP support can be maximized if other sources of technical assistance to NQFs are in place.

Main features and benefits of CDP ‘support to countries’:

  • Based on demand, and contextualised. Takes account of policy and strategy objectives, reforms, institutional and capacity features, availability of technical assistance resources; communication by countries or RECs with ACQF project;
  • Coaching, facilitation, advice;
  • Sharing of good practice, training for NQF working groups and stakeholders
  • Practical application for trained experts;
  • Reflection on lessons learned, cases of good practice, critical issues (briefs) from ‘support to countries’.