Capacity Development Programme

Webinars & Workshops

The ACQF peer learning programme is focused on core themes of qualifications frameworks and systems, and contributes to boost engagement of African Union member states and stakeholders, to develop knowledge and a common understanding of key concepts, objectives, and operational instruments of national and regional qualifications frameworks.

Training Modules and Handbooks Training Modules and Handbooks

10 ACQF Training Modules and 2 Handbooks. Development and effective implementation of qualifications frameworks and systems in Africa require trained national human resources. To this end the ACQF Training Modules are designed to develop capacities and knowledge in all African countries. They contribute to creating a growing pool of African expertise in the domain and consequently to sustainability of projects and initiatives on qualifications frameworks and systems across countries and regions.

Conferences Conferences

Conferences became digital and remote events, allowing the participation of many more people from different countries and regions. Stay tuned for ACQF Final Conference in September 2022. "Theme: ACQF - learning together, creating mutual trust"

Cooperation with Regions & Countries Cooperation with Regions & Countries

In line with its wider objectives, the ACQF works in cooperation and complementarity with AU countries and offers commensurate support to national entities in charge of the NQF (on demand).

Thematic Briefs Thematic Briefs

For self-learning - concise briefs on themes and issues of the domain of qualifications frameworks and systems.

Technical Notes Technical Notes

The project ACQF-II (2023-2026) supports implementation of the ACQF Policy Document and its Guidelines. The new series of “Technical Notes” elaborated by the ACQF-II follows on the series of “Thematic Briefs” initiated in 2021 in the context of the first ACQF project.

Networks Networks

ACQF connects and networks. ACQF works together with national, regional and continental organisations and networks, such as the African Qualifications Verification Network (AQVN), the African Curriculum Association (ACA), and with SADC Qualifications Framework. This cooperation translates into: joint studies and surveys, joint organisation of knowledge-sharing webinars, and tailored initiatives supporting development of qualifications frameworks.

Video Learning Materials Video Learning Materials

A unique series of short videos on national and regional qualifications frameworks and systems: 25 cases from Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe. From ACQF Peer Learning Webinars programme (2020-2021). Uploading of videos in development.

Gallery: ACQF video and photos Gallery: ACQF video and photos

People are central to ACQF development process. Development of the African Continental Qualifications Framework is a participative process, based on networking, and mutual learning. Pictures of ACQF activities and the animated video of ACQF Peer Learning Webinars reflect the expectations about the ACQF as a framework to facilitate lifelong learning, mobility and mutual trust.