Africa Creates Jobs Conference 2021 (3-4 November 2021): presentation of ACQF website

The virtual ACJ conference was very successful and rich in information-sharing, idea-generation and active participation of the real change makers from different countries, who are devoted to innovation and effectiveness in skills development and youth employability. ACQF participated on day 1 - presentation of the new ACQF website.

ACJ 2021 will stay in everybody's memory. ACQF participated on day 1 - with the presentation of the new ACQF website

All sessions have been filled with knowledge and analysis, and really inspiring testimonies from practitioners and debates with representatives of private sector organisations, policy making bodies and departments and TVET providers from a great diversity of sectors and organisations. Which skills for today and tomorrow? How to anticipate and develop them? Who can contribute to make a change? How to link learning and training with employment opportunities? What about digitalisation of TVET? Development of digital skills for essential tasks and jobs for the transformation of technology and work? Ecosystems for collaboration of stakeholders, policy makers, providers, employers are essential and sharing of good practice is a must in our quickly changing world. It is a great momentum for a new dynamic African Lifelong Learning, where tradition and future combine to produce contextualised solutions.