Africa Creates Jobs Conference (3-4 November 2021): presentation of ACQF website

A wonderful first day for the ACJ, rich in African experiences, new ideas, challenging suggestions and amazing visuals - all about skills! But skills and qualifications need robust and contextualised Lifelong Learning approaches, supported top-down and bottom-up, with resources, and validation of all learning acquired through all modalities and in all contexts. And the ACQF can help with this validation. Towards an African Lifelong learning approach? The ACQF website was presented - the 15 minutes presentation briefly introduced the AU policy context and the principles and objectives of the ACQF. A guided tour to the ACQF website and an animated video on ACQF Peer Learning allowed participants to navigate through the key sections, content and tools of the website, emphasizing the importance of Resources, Capacity Development and News.

The ACQF Website is at your service! 

Access the Presentation and videos.

  • Are you an official in the Ministry and need quick access to updated information on national qualifications frameworks in Africa?
  • Are you organizing a new training module for your teacher training programme and want to include topics related to national qualifications frameworks and systems in African countries?
  • Are you a researcher or a student working on a paper or new project related with skills and qualifications and want to share your views, findings and news with the ACQF community?
  • Are you a training provider and want to know examples of qualifications profiles from other African countries?
  • Are you developing your online register of qualifications and credentials and want to know experiences from other African countries?
  • How is RPL organized in African countries? And in other regions of the world?

The new ACQF website can help you find replies to these and other questions related with qualifications and qualifications frameworks.

The website is easy to navigate. The menu is simple and this feature allows you to focus on the most important:

Looking for specific content and examples? Use the Search function, type your key word and you immediately get a large selection of sources! For example…we want to know about Level descriptors. You get the list of sources available in the website, and many of them are in French and in Portuguese language too!

Under Resources you find the technical and analytical reports and outputs of the ACQF project, such as the ACQF Mapping Study on African NQFs and RQFs, the new feasibility study of the ACQF, a Library of selected publications from various international organisations and the main references from African Union policy and strategic documents.

The NQF Inventory is a unique source of information on NQFs in Africa – information is being completed and uploaded, but you can already use it. Let us have a quick look at the Inventory – for example at the country Snapshot Kenya: you find a concise description of the main features, links to key legal and policy documents, the lead NQF institution, RPL policy and Guidelines. Here you find also the qualifications map, and the full set of level descriptors of this very dynamic NQF.

Under Capacity Development instead, you find the interactions with people, such as the full and detailed information and materials from the programme of 12 Peer Learning Webinars (2020-2021), a new section with video learning materials, and also the thematic briefs – concise and user-friendly for your independent learning on concepts and themes of the NQF domain.

And then you have the ACQF News! Here you have the latest information on the ongoing activities, peer learning webinars, new publications, articles from stakeholders and also news from the countries' authorities, regions and stakeholders' organisations.

Send us your news on developments related with any new policy, guideline, pilot project and implementation initiative related with your NQF, RPL, online register of qualifications, quality assurance of qualifications, your partnerships and governance solutions.

Share with your peers across African countries. This will contribute to mutual understanding, trust building and to comparability of qualifications between countries. And this is the main objective of the ACQF. Everybody gains from knowledge circulation and sharing of good practice, especially the learners, education institutions, employers looking for qualified young people, the artisans and small businesses in cities and rural areas who want to validate and certify their skills.

The website is growing and new features being added, including access to an e-learning platform, and the Guidelines! The 10 ACQF Guidelines are conceived to help countries, stakeholders, ministries develop, consolidate, and implement qualifications frameworks that are fit for purpose.

The website of the ACQF is here for you. Take a moment, visit, query and contact us. Your comments and suggestions will help us improve the website and add the information you need.