Publications from international sources

A selection of essential publications on topics and issues closely related with qualifications frameworks and systems. All sources acknowledged.
EQF 2017 - Brochure

European Qualifications Framework: supporting learning, work and cross-border mobility

ETF - Orientation Note on Regional Qualifications Frameworks (2021)

Working Paper - overview of conceptual-technical and governance features of RQFs, based lessons and experiences from five most active RQFs. Major themes: objectives and contribution to regional cooperation; levels and level descriptors; quality assurance; referencing approaches; governance. Author: Andrea Bateman.

NQF - RQF: Interplay and Governance Models (ETF, 2021)

Thematic material for a training programme. Elaborates on the interplay between NQFs and RQFs. Explores six NQF Governance models - based on real cases shared at a benchmarking initiative in 2021. Country cases: Bahrein, France, Namibia, Ireland, Kenya and Portugal.