ACQF 10th Peer Learning Webinar

Jul 22, 2021
Cases discussed at this webinar:  African experiences of National Qualifications Databases and NQF Information Systems (cases of South Africa and Kenya); and 2 cases of Recognition of qualifications (AQVN; INAAREES - Angola).
  • When Jul 22, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 02:30 PM (Africa/Johannesburg / UTC200)
  • Where Online - Zoom
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Session 1

Opening. Overview of learning and issues discussed at previous PLW

Ouverture. Aperçu des résultats et leçons du 1er webinaire

Abertura. Sumário dos resultados e lições do 1º webinário Opening and welcome. Ouverture. Abertura

AUC, ACQF project


Session 2

African NQF experiences: national qualifications frameworks and national qualifications systems.

  • NQFs do not work in isolation: reflections and perspectives towards systemic organisation of NQFs.
  • CNC ne fonctionne pas en isolation: réflexions et perspectives vers l'organisation systémique de CNC.
  • QNQ nao funciona isolado: reflexoes e perspetivas sobre a organizaçao sistémica dos QNQ

Mr Olavo Correia

Expert in NQF-NQS

VET and NQF reform project Angola (RETFOP)




Session 3

African NQF experiences: qualifications databases and NQF information systems (South Africa, Kenya)

Expériences Africaines : répertoires de certifications et systèmes d’information des cadres de qualifications (Afrique du Sud, Kenya)

Experiências Africanas: catálogos de qualificações e sistemas de informação dos quadros de qualificações (África do Sul, Quénia)

  • South Africa, SAQA: National Learners´ Records Database (NLRD)
  • Kenya, KNQA: new NQF Information Management System
  • Afrique du Sud, SAQA : National Learners´ Records Database (NLRD)
  • Kenya, KNQA : nouveau système d’information du CNC
  • África do Sul, SAQA : National Learners´ Records Database (NLRD)
  • Quénia, KNQA: novo sistema de informação do QNQ


SAQA, South Africa

Dr Julie Reddy, CEO

Ms Tola Akindolani


KNQA, Kenya

Dr E.J. Mukhwana


Session 4

African experiences: recognition of qualifications

Expériences Africaines : reconnaissance, équivalences

Experiências Africanas de Reconhecimento, equivalências

  • AQVN: objectives, advantages for trusted qualifications, network
  • Angola: system, tools and practices of INAAREES
  • AQVN: objectifs, avantages pour certifications credibles, réseau.
  • Angola: le système et pratiques de l’INAAREES
  • AQVN: objetivos, vantages para qualificaçoes de confiança, rede.
  • Angola: sistema e práticas do INAAREES



Ms Mirriam Chiyaba


Ms Madalena gil


Interactive assessment, main conclusions

ACQF Project