Skills data focus

Dashboard: Common Occupational Profiles Dashboard: Common Occupational Profiles

This dashboard provides interactive visualization of common profiles of occupations, with focus on skills, for four countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Kenya. Additionally, it features data on global demand for these occupations, offering both local and international context. The primary data source for this analysis is a vast database of online job postings. These postings are continuously gathered in real-time and provide a rich, up-to-date source of information on employer skills needs and job market dynamics. Online job posting include detailed descriptions of job roles, required qualifications, and specific skills. This methodology uses established classifications such as O*NET and ESCO.

Online Job Ads Analysis dashboard Online Job Ads Analysis dashboard

This dashboard supports interactive visualisation of data on labour market demand in four countries: Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and Tunisia. Main variables: occupations, skills, sector, educational level. Data source: vast databases of online job vacancies. Data processing and analysis based on new data science techniques and AI. Used classifications and taxonomies: ISCO, ESCO, ISCED 2011, NACE, O*Net. The Methodology Handbook is accessible for detailed information on the data flow and analysis. Use the top menu to navigate the dashboard.