Regional Qualifications Frameworks (RQFs) are enablers of regional integration

Regions with important human and skills development policies and integration objectives can benefit from operational RQFs.

There is a new dynamism related with RQFs - two significant RQFs are advancing in development (Africa and in Latin America), and others are engaging reflection on their implementation and adaptation to new learning and skills demands in a world in quick transformation (SADCQF and EQF). But how to develop RQFs that contribute to change and to regional objectives and national human development and employment policies? Which cooperation mechanisms to support mutual trust? Which conceptual-technical design for the RQF (levels, domains of learning, descriptors)? How to involve stakeholders? What can be learned from the experiences and challenges of RQFs in the world? Where to find more information on RQFs?
Find out the Orientation Note on RQFs, and the ACQF Thematic Brief on RQFs in this website. Useful, easy-to-read reference documents for RQF developers and implementers. Share your views and comments.