African Continental Qualifications Framework Advisory Group very active

African Continental Qualifications Framework (ACQF) Advisory Group (AG) met to report progress and consult on the development of ACQF policy documents and technical foundations

The Advisory Group (AG) of the ACQF is the main platform for structured consultation with major stakeholders at national and regional level and is chaired by the African Union Commission. Members of the ACQF AG represent National Qualifications bodies (authorities, units), Ministries, National and Regional Quality Assurance agencies, Curriculum and Teachers’ associations, Polytechnics, employers and trade unions, students and  international organisations (UNESCO, ILO) and the European Union.

On 8th April and on 28th July 2021 the ACQF held two AG meetings to discuss essential topics of the development of the ACQF policy and technical document and its technical foundations. On the agenda: the three scenarios for the ACQF, the feasibility report and plan of outputs 2022-2025 for the ACQF, the governance model based on a Network of NQF bodies and stakeholders, and the starting reflection on the key objective of the project – the ACQF document with action plan and 10 Guidelines.