ACQF Peer Learning Webinars continue in 2021

On 22nd July 2021 was held the 10th PLW, with large participation and very informative presentations by experts and relevant organisations.

ACQF Peer Learning Webinars: the 2021 series of 5 webinars started in June with a wider set of themes. A total of 10 webinars (2020 and 2021) have gathered participants from a large number of countries, including from other continents.

ACQF Peer Learning is about creating knowledge and sharing valuable experiences between NQF/ NQS implementers and practitioners on the continent. ACQF stakeholders now have a rich inter-continental knowledge-base to draw upon, from  NQFs/ NQSs and RQFs in Africa, Asia and Europe. In the one-year period July 2020 to July 2021 ACQF PLWs shared 24 cases of qualifications frameworks (20 national and 4 regional) from Africa, Asia and Europe, and several cases of RPL and of qualifications registers and databases. NQFs and RQFs contribute to ease recognition of qualifications, especially if they work in synergy with quality assurance and recognition institutions; therefore, ACQF PLWs promoted peer-sharing with CAMES, ANAQ-Sup (Senegal), African Qualifications Verification Network (AQVN) and with Angolan INAAREES.

Visit the Capacity Development page at the ACQF Website and get the information you need in the form of presentations, video recordings, and thematic briefs and reports. If you want to know more about the Egyptian, French, Kenyan, Namibian, Mauritian, or South African NQF and tools - you will find updated information on these and many other NQFs on the ACQF website.