10 ACQF Guidelines are in development

Good technical and conceptual foundations for the ACQF

Work on the 10 ACQF Guidelines was launched in August 2021! The ACQF works in complementarity with national qualifications frameworks/ systems (NQFs/NQSs) and regional qualifications frameworks (RQFs). All African countries starting reflection on their NQFs or consolidating their initial concept papers, NQF/ NQS practitioners and future implementers of the ACQF will benefit from a comprehensive Handbook of 10 Guidelines - well-grounded on relevant expertise and practice, fit for purpose and easy to read. Each Guideline includes: a synthesis version, a technical in-depth Guideline and a Training Module to help learning and dissemination. The Training Modules will represent a substantive knowledge base for the ACQF Training programme and ACQF e-Learning Platform.

Themes of the ACQF Guidelines: learning outcomes; level descriptors; referencing to ACQF; validation of learning (RPL, credit systems, recognition of qualifications); quality assurance; registration and registers of qualifications; monitoring and evaluation of qualifications frameworks; communication; innovation and technology in qualifications and qualifications frameworks; NQFs – a systemic view.

Four teams of African experts from different countries (from North to South) are developing the ACQF Guidelines. To ensure mutual learning between the teams and coherence between the Guidelines, ACQF project coordination put in place steering groups, organises joint discussions.