Training Module 8: Communication and Outreach in the context of NQF / ACQF

A key message of this training is that communication and outreach is part of the NQF as a system. Communication and outreach is not only about marketing, but more importantly about information for stakeholders and end-users as part of the NQF strategy and system for results and impact, that is effectiveness over the short, medium and longer term. The benefits of the NQF (and ACQF) will only truly materialise when all stakeholders, end-users, institutions have access to open and reliable information on the existing and new qualifications, credentials, learning pathways, recognition of learning, and on their value for employment, active life, further personal and professional development, for labour mobility, investment and economic and social development. But the limited visibility and understanding of NQFs’ benefits and services among stakeholders and end-users is a problem that needs to be recognised and addressed in a systematic manner in many countries.